Products and Services

Would you allow someone to perform surgery simply because they had a scalpel? Absolutely Not! Just because someone has the tools or in this case the products, does not mean they have the expertise. Bennett Insurance offers both! Below is a list of products and services that we provide:

  • Fully Insured Health Plans
  • Partially Self Funded Health Plans
  • ASO Plans
  • Exchange Health Plans
  • FSA, HSA, HRA Plans
  • Section 125 Plans
  • Management Carve Out Plans
  • Defined Contributions
  • Voluntary Supplemental Benefits
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life and A,D&D Insurance
  • Accident, Cancer and Disability Insurance
  • Employer Contribution Analysis
  • Cobra Administration
  • Health Care Reform Consultation

 For Individual or Group insurance please click on one of the links below.

 Individual Health Insurance Page (imbed link to this page)

Group Health Insurance Page (imbed link to this page)

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