Individual and Family Health Insurance

Finding individual health insurance is easier than ever. Simply click below to get an instant no-obligation quote.

Keep these pointers in mind, as you look at the various policies available.

  •  If you have a trusted physician, make sure that he/she accepts the policy you are considering purchasing. (Imbed link for Doctor & Hospital Finder)
  •  If you are taking prescription drugs, verify how the drug co-payments will work. You don’t want to save money on the premium only to spend twice as much on the prescription drugs.
  •  Look at the cost differences between deductibles. Often, you can save nearly as much in premium as the increase in the deductible. If you don’t reach your deductible, you come out ahead. If you do reach your deductible, you are no worse off.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

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 Individual Health Insurance – Child Only

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 Short Term Medical Insurance

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