Health Care Reform

There are many changes underway as health reform becomes reality. The complex bill is over 1,000 pages long with more twists and turns than can be covered here. At Bennett Insurance, we are helping our clients prepare for the changes ahead. Since, every client is unique it is not possible to provide a single answer as to how to best get ready.

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 Below is summary of key features that you need to be aware of:


Beginning in 2014, all United States Citizens must carry health insurance or pay a tax.

You may qualify for a subsidy. Depending on your income, the government will cover a portion of your insurance premium. In general, in order to qualify for the subsidy, you must have income of less than 400% of the poverty rate, must not be offered “affordable health coverage” by your employer and purchase policies thru the exchange. Bennett Insurance offers insurance in and out of the exchange.

You can no longer be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition as long as you purchase the insurance during open enrollment or based on a qualifying event.


If you are a group of less than 50 employees, little will change in terms of group health insurance. Groups close to or over 50 full -time employees must offer group health insurance or pay a penalty. In order to avoid the “play or pay” penalty, a large group must offer health insurance in which the employee’s portion does not exceed 9.5% of the employee’s income and met the minimum essential coverage as defined by the bill.

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Group Health Insurance

For many, group health insurance represents a significant business expense. As a business owner, it is vital to offer group health insurance to attract and keep key employees while managing the financial impact on the business. It is a delicate balance. Bennett Insurance has been helping their clients find that balance since 1986. Since every client is unique, every solution is unique. We offer a customized approach using all tools available including but not limited to fully insured plans, partially self-funded plans, PEO, management carve outs, defined contribution and supplemental gap insurance.

 Group Dental Insurance

A happy employee is a productive employee. Give your employees something to smile about – dental insurance. Call or e-mail us today to see how cost effective it can be to add dental insurance and bright white smiles to your employee benefit package.

Group Vision Insurance

Group vision insurance is a benefit that helps with the cost of eye exams, lenses, frames, and contacts. Call or e-mail us today to SEE if a group vision plan is right for you.


 Group Life and Disability Insurance

Life and disability insurance is the most overlooked yet arguably one of the most important types of insurance needed to protect your lifestyle and family. Think about it. Everything that you have is a result of your income. Life insurance will help mitigate the financial stress to your loved ones in the event of your death and disability insurance replaces a portion of your income in the event of illness or injury. As employer, you have the opportunity to offer piece of mind to your employees at a fraction of the cost that they would have to pay on their own. Call or email us today to find out if life and disability insurance should be a part of your employee benefit package.

 Voluntary Group

As every business is unique, so are the people that make up that business. At Bennett Insurance, we offer voluntary supplemental insurance to further tailor the employee benefit package to meet the needs of each individual employee.

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